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Ry4, This flavor has the perfect blend of vanilla and caramel with a light back note of tobacco.This flavor has recieved great reviews

We do reccomend letting this flavor steep for 3-5 days after recieving it. After it steeps for this time period the vanilla and caramel come together very nicely and pack a powerful punch of flavor.

Check out what Bill Herbst had to say about our RY4 in his post #1600 "Really Big RY4 Round up" on ECF.Really

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  1. Not the worst..

    I got the Ry4 and a free sample of Honey..The ry4 smelled and tasted alil like Ammonia but was "ok" After it steeped about 2 weeks..The Honey, Smelled like Urine when I got it And still does..It's Horrible.. on 30th Dec 2015

  2. Great RY4

    When I do vape tobacco eliquids it is always NETs. At the recommendation of a couple of peeps I tried RY4. Although I have tried artibaccos in the past this is the first one I liked.
    on 26th Dec 2015

  3. the last u will try

    It's mix of sweet caramel with cigarette, hard to explain but I don't want to try nothing else neither change. The best choice! It's the best RY4 you will find.
    on 14th Oct 2015

  4. Just right

    This is an excellent RY4, I love it. RY4 is my all day Vape and I like trying different sources out. I stumbled across a recommendation and high marks for Mr Vape on Reddit so I thought I'd give it a try, I'm glad I did. I've also found juices here are great and I really love the free sample, gives you a chance to try different flavors out. on 29th Sep 2015

  5. great

    It's the best ry4. Do not search anymore, just try this one and you will stop your search for the best juice. on 3rd Sep 2015

  6. very mild not too sweet

    I've always heard that finding the right flavor is the key to vaping for a long time smoker. After 35 years of smoking cigarettes, this is the flavor that got me to quit completely. I had tried RY4 from other places and always found it to be too sweet for my taste. I would highly recommend Mr Vape's RY4 to anyone trying to vape to help quit cigarettes or just looking for a mild flavor that's not to sweet. on 6th Aug 2015

  7. The best darn RY4 there is

    I never look elsewhere since finding this. I started with a 30ml, then bought a 50ml, then a 120ml and now I am working on a 240. Never get tired of it. I hope I can always keep it in my rotation as it just plain hits the spot each and every time. on 2nd Aug 2015

  8. Excellent, among the very best RY4 I've tried.

    Very happy with the juice and fast shipping from Mr Vape. Would like to try a max VG version of this as well. on 20th Jun 2015

  9. Top RY4 for me.

    Would have received 5 stars, but because I ordered 7 days ago just received notification my liquid shipped yesterday I must drop a star. Products are great and will order as needed. Wish you would use child proof bottles. Maybe p Busardo will review some day. on 31st Dec 2014

  10. ry4

    My favorite, get it on the shelf in eugene Oregon somewhere! This stuff is killer. Ordered twice now, my only complaint is that I keep forgetting to hit the free sample button. on 9th Jul 2014

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