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Ry4, This flavor has the perfect blend of vanilla and caramel with a light back note of tobacco.This flavor has recieved great reviews

We do reccomend letting this flavor steep for 3-5 days after recieving it. After it steeps for this time period the vanilla and caramel come together very nicely and pack a powerful punch of flavor.

Check out what Bill Herbst had to say about our RY4 in his post #1600 "Really Big RY4 Round up" on ECF.Really

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  1. Top RY4 for me.

    Would have received 5 stars, but because I ordered 7 days ago just received notification my liquid shipped yesterday I must drop a star. Products are great and will order as needed. Wish you would use child proof bottles. Maybe p Busardo will review some day. on 31st Dec 2014

  2. ry4

    My favorite, get it on the shelf in eugene Oregon somewhere! This stuff is killer. Ordered twice now, my only complaint is that I keep forgetting to hit the free sample button. on 9th Jul 2014

  3. Excellent RY4

    Ordered this due to Bill of the Big RY4 Roundups recommendation from ECF. I have tried 6 of the RY4's that I bought from various vendors and this is by far my favorite. I ordered a 30ML bottle of this liquid a few days after first trying the 15 ml bottle I received. The 15 ml bottle is now pretty much empty, maybe a 1.5 ml left. I have been trying a lot of e-liquids to and only go through about 2-3 ml a day, out of all the small bottles I purchased this is the only one I've pretty much finished so far. Not to good at explaining flavors but, I just feel that it is delicious. Ok enough rambling. I will be ordered a bigger bottle of this in the future probably the 50 ml , and you should to it is excellent stuff. on 13th Apr 2014

  4. searching for the best RY4 is over!

    I have been on a search for the most satisfying ry4 for a year for my rebuildables; Kayfun & RSST's. Each one gives a distinct separation of the flavors that make up your juice. I buy large quantities and enjoy the experience. Switched to less pg and still get a stellar vape. on 6th Apr 2014

  5. great RY4!!

    First time trying the Mr. Vape RY4 and I'll be coming back for more! on 11th Feb 2014

  6. My new all day vape!

    Love this RY4 from Mr. Vape! Tried it based on reviews from ECF and as usual if Mr. Bill Herbst likes it I can bet it's a great RY4. Tobacco flavor is strong enough with just the right amount of sweetness. I will be ordering more. Thanks! on 2nd Feb 2014

  7. One of the best out there

    Based on Bill Herbst's review at ECF I ordered 50ml of this. I went through that bottle in less than two weeks and then ordered 125ml more. This is a top three RY4 on the market, and I've tried a good many. Fair price, great flavor and quick delivery! Well done Mr Vape! on 29th Jan 2014

  8. By Far the best ry4 available!

    My ADV! I have tried several RY4's and you have the best available. I am currently using on Vivi Nova for work and Russian for home. My wife likes the Vanilla Cupcake and I find it a bit sweet for my throat. I trust that you are mixing with high quality ingredients and giving me an alternative to smoking the stinking nasty cigarettes. Thank you. on 27th Jan 2014

  9. Nice bedtime treat

    This is a great dessert tasting juice. At 0 nic it's the perfect bedtime vape. on 26th Jan 2014

  10. Excellent!

    Very nice! will definitely order again. on 24th Jan 2014

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