Handcrafted E Liquid

All of our E Liquids are handcrafted and made to order here in the USA.
We only use the highest quality nicotine and premium concentrated flavorings in our E Liquids. Our Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade.
All ingredients used to make our E Liquids are sourced right here in the USA.
 As a result of using the best ingredients, our E Liquids have superb flavor and extreme vapor production.
Recommended Steep Times.

  • Peachless
    Peachless $7.49 Choose Options Choose Options
    Peachless: This is a straight forward, natural peach flavor. The flavor is so pure it taste like you are biting into a plump, juicy peach picked straight from the tree...
  • Posideon
    Posideon $7.49 Choose Options Choose Options
    Poseidon: This is a Honey Dew Melon flavor that really refreshes the palate. The melon hits your taste buds like a tidal wave to refresh them, and the honey dew sneaks in and mixes perfectly with the melon to give it a kick...
  • Psychedelic
    Psychedelic $7.49 Choose Options Choose Options
    Psychedelic: This flavor taste like you just put a handful of every color of Skittles in your mouth. It even has the tanginess that leaves you salivating for more...
  • StrawBunny
    StrawBunny $7.49 Choose Options Choose Options
    StrawBunny: This is a creamy, natural, ripe strawberry custard with undertones of vanilla for a satisfying and pleasant inhale and exhale.
  • Tenacious Tea
    Tenacious Tea $7.49 Choose Options Choose Options
    Tenacious Tea: This is a Chai Tea flavor. Since Chai Tea is a beverage which is centuries old, and has played an important role in many cultures, we felt it only right to make an e-liquid out of it. With notes of rich black...
  • TFK
    TFK $7.49 Choose Options Choose Options
    TFK: Everything you love about vanilla and peanut butter is mixed into one concoction that is distinctive and exquisite. This vanilla peanut butter custard is scrumptious, creamy, and serene on the inhale and exhale. The...